Hold it against me

The worldwide Pop sensation that is Britney Spears is releasing her 7th studio album on March of 2011. Despite everything that Britney has gone through in the past years, what with her marital problems and her divorce, as well as custody complications with her children, her fans continue to believe that Britney can bounce right back from whatever the media and paparazzi can throw at her. After years of extra painful scrutiny and criticism about everything from the way she looks to how she is raising her kids, Britney Spears career made a comeback with her 2008 album entitle Circus.

Hold it against me

Circus was able to sell 1.7 million copies in the United States alone, and her hit tracks have reached at least 8 million downloads off iTunes. The Circus album produced 5 chart topping hits in the Billboard Top 100, three of which were in the top 20 name Womanizer, If you see Amy, and the title track Circus. The Album showed fans that Britney Spears still has that very same magic that made her a pop icon at the tender age of 16.

Nevertheless, with the new album titled Hold It Against Me, fans see Spears reuniting with some old friends. Some of the biggest producers and songwriters in the industry have been a huge part in the creation of the album. Max Martin and Lukasz Dr. Luke Gottwald are part of the project, and they are very optimistic about it. But with old friends comes a new sound. Dr. Luke says that with the new album, he wants to bring Britneys sound to a harder level, delving a little bit deeper in the grimy, electronic sounds. Britney also worked with Swedish producer Shellback.

Shellback reports that despite the many rumors perpetrated by tabloids and shameless gossipmongers, Britney Spears was actually a joy to work with. They say that she was actually very professional, and she was not one of those artists that had to be taught and trained when it came to rhythm and other technical things such as that. The fact that Britney had been working in the industry since her teens seems to have truly instilled in her a professionalism that people do not give her enough credit for.

Last January 11, Britney fans were able to get a little taste of what the new album would be like when the first single entitled Hold It Against Me was released. As could be expected from Britney, the song was an immediate hit, crushing pre-existing records by garnering the most plays in a single day by an American radio station. It also did not waste any time at all in finding its way to the top of the iTunes charts.

It is true that there are high expectations, but the people that she is working with duly recognize that and are trying their best to live up to it maybe even exceed it. Britney Spears, despite whatever criticism she may have received about her personal life, has always been able to deliver when it comes to her music. Expectations are at an all-time high, but Britney lovers and fans are all sure that Britney's will come out on top like always.

Hold it against me

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